Bill Gates Admits Vaccines are for Depopulation. On Stage! – Jack Blood’s Take…

March 29, 2010

What reason could Bill have in bringing up the subject of vaccination in tandem with CO2 levels? He does want to drive home climate change as a reality here. He also has an insiders perspective on big pharma’s activities and it’s probable intentions for you and me, Joe Soap.

So, brain-box Bill, speaking to many like-minded people, felt comfortable going ‘stream of consciousness’ . And what came out?! His inner thoughts!

Being caught up in the moment, he drew the two concepts together following a path of least mental resistance. To him that is!… Revealing what he already knows to be an agenda for our future. Bill’s not mincing his words here. It’s up to us as individuals…

Obviously THIS is the context in which Bill thinks of vaccination, and the CO2 agenda, usually to himself. Depopulation, and Societal Control through this Co2 /industrial regulatory agenda.

He doesn’t even notice he has said something wrong here! Not a flinch out of him.
Why? This is the way he views us and these subjects off stage and more than likely, with his more influential chums. What a Freudian slip-up.

Thanks to Jack Blood for his take.
You can listen to him @

Also, “Climategate 30 year timeline chart” View / Download pdf @…

Christopher Monckton’s Climate Science site SPPI (Science & Public Policy Institute) …

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April 1, 2010 @ 12:28 am

Wow that is VERY tight! I know for a fact that a volcano blowing its lid or just steam is more than california and New york combined for CO2 levels. I also knew that people put off CO2 But for people to laugh when they hear it from Bill gates! makes me pissed!

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