Bowmanville Boy, 12, Arrested; Media Presents One-Sided Story

December 4, 2010

By Lance D’Aoust

In a recent blog post by National Post writer Tamsin McMahon, is rather one-sided which is completely unjournalistic. There was no attempt to cover why the boy refused the vaccine, no coverage of the ample data illustrating vaccines are unsafe and in the end helps paint a picture that refusing to accept what the school is imposing will escalate to a problematic situation.

After reading this the message I see is that if you are not compliant you are a problem. That boy had every right to refuse the vaccine – regardless of any pro or con argument on vaccine efficacy. That boy was wrong to make a threat, but what are the details of the incident that resulted in the boy resorting to threatening? Was he the type of kid with a history of negative outbursts, or was he so pressured, scared or otherwise under duress to the point that he felt he had no other option?

Hepititis-B is transmitted via needle sharing and sex. What are the odds of a 12 year old picking up this virus? Sure, it’s possible, but the probability is so low that the province has no place administering vaccines for it, specially considering the amount of data that clearly illustrates vaccines are in fact harmful.

A good journalist would address these aspects of the story.


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