Dear Québécois

April 13, 2015

Guess what: your precious French is JUST a language. It’s not a badge of honour; it’s not a battle scar; it’s not a right of passage and it’s most certainly not a measure of one’s worth.

People who do not speak French are not beneath you. While they may not speak YOUR language they may speak one that you do not, or more. I will agree with you that it is preferable for a Canadian to know both official languages, but I will not agree with you that it is mandatory to do so when one does not work in public office.

There is so much more to life that it should feel petty to pass judgements onto people who do not speak the one language that you’ve selected based simply on where you were born.

The guy who wishes he did a better job of learning French as a kid so he took it again in college, as well a 3rd language, and who doesn’t judge YOU for butchering English when you speak it to him.

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