Do You CHOOSE To Vaccinate?

March 1, 2011

If you choose not to vaccinate/immunize your child the government will enforce the “Immunization of School Pupils Act, 1990” (Ontario, Canada) on your child and you will then have to make a choice: to either inject your children, or to get this document (below) signed and become legally exempt.

Forced medication of anyone in North America is illegal. It violates both the US and Canadian Constitutions and is a Human Rights violation as well. It’s a Nazi tactic and there’s no way to argue that anyone (of sound-mind) should be forcefully medicated.

For a long time my children were vaccinated and I even fought with their mother about it. One time I angrily scolded her for not knowing what she is talking about because she didn’t go to Doctor-school so how could she possibly argue against a Doctor. Man, I feel like a total idiot now. She was completely right. It took me far too long to even consider looking at the facts and idea that vaccinations are not good for anyone, but this post is not here to explain those details. Parents’ Place, Dr. Mercola’s site and countless other sites and resources are out there to counter the propaganda your TV, Doctors and Politicians have been feeding us.

Part of the problem we face as parents is the lack of available choices available to us. We did not know that we could choose NOT to vaccinate. They (the medical community/government) NEVER EVER tell you about the option NOT to vaccinate. We were delighted when we finally discovered this option, and we enforced our right to say now immediately. Our children are now legally exempt from immunizations and vaccinations. You can do the same.

Download this PDF and get a lawyer to notarize it (with their embossed seal) and send a COPY to the Health Department. YOU keep the original copy in a safe location, along with the rest of your child’s important documentation. Never give away originals!

DOWNLOAD THIS: Statement of Conscience or Religious Belief Affidavit

Stand up for yourself and protect your children against this forced medication (forced child endangerment)!

If you want more information on this, read the other articles posted to this site and follow the links provided. REMEMBER: if you vaccinate you are 100% guaranteeing your child will get something (chemicals) from the vaccine. If you do not vaccinate you are taking a chance that your child will get something from nature. I choose to live smart, eat right and protect my children through education and proper eating and cleaning habits.

Also, consider the fact that the deseases these vaccinations are ‘protecting’ against have been on a steady decline over the course of human history/evolution.
We now know that human waste should not be near our living space,
That food goes bad and to not eat it,
To keep ourselves clean and so on.

Intelligence moves us forward while vaccines toxify our brains and bodies.

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January 11, 2012 @ 8:31 pm

I totally agree with you.
I am filing out the same forms.
No more vaccines!

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