Dr. Mercola talks about Sunscreen and Bug Spray

July 10, 2008

By, Dr. Mercola, July 2008


You may be one of those people for whom summer is way too short!

But like it or not, you only have a few short months to enjoy the great outdoors in most of the continental US. Why waste it dealing with the two most vexing hassles of the outdoor summer season?

After spending six or more months stuck inside buildings under cover from rain, snow and sleet, you rush out and spend all day on a Saturday or Sunday in the sun. Not only is the golf course beckoning, but so is yard work, the kids’ sporting events, and the grill.

It’s easy to overdo your sun exposure in your quest to finally spend some time outdoors… especially when your skin is lily-white from being inside for months — and not used to the sun.

Did you consider sunscreen?

If you did, please recognize that it’s not exactly a foolproof solution. Keep reading to discover how your sunscreen can present its own set of health issues.

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