Earth: Reduce Your Trash To Almost Zero

February 22, 2011

reduce waste, recycleWorried that you’re hurting the environment by producing too much trash? Instead of letting the TV make you feel guilty all the time, try DOING something about it:

  1. No soda in cans.
  2. No water in plastic bottles.
  3. No coffee in disposable cups.
  4. No throwaway plastic razors and blade cartridges.
  5. Using non-disposable feminine-hygiene products that aren’t bad for women and are good for the planet.
  6. No Indian food in throwaway takeout tubs.
  7. No Italian food in plastic throwaway tubs.
  8. No Chinese food in plastic throwaway tubs.
  9. Taking your own reusable containers to takeout joints.
  10. Buying milk in returnable, reusable glass bottles.
  11. Shopping for honey and pickled veggies and other goods in jars only from merchants who will take back the jars and reuse them.
  12. Returning egg and berry cartons to the vendors at the farmers’ market for reuse.
  13. Using neither paper nor plastic bags and bringing your own reusable bags when grocery shopping.
  14. Canceling our magazine and newspaper subscriptions and reading online.
  15. Putting an end to the junk mail tree killing.
  16. Carrying a reusable cup and water bottle.
  17. Carrying reusable cloths for everything from blowing your nose to drying your hands.
  18. Politely asking restaurant servers to take away paper and plastic napkins, placemats, straws, cups and single-serving containers.
  19. Pretending McDonalds and Burger King (and all their paper and plastic wrappers) just don’t exist.
  20. Buying no candy bars, gum, lollypops or ice cream that is individually packaged.
  21. Making your own household cleaners to avoid all the throwaway plastic bottles.
  22. Using baking soda from a recyclable container to brush your teeth.
  23. Using baking soda for a deodorant to avoid the plastic containers that deodorant typically comes in.
  24. Using baking soda for shampoo to avoid plastic shampoo bottles.
  25. Keeping a worm bin to compost food scraps into nourishment that can be returned to the earth instead of toxins that seep from the landfills.
  26. Switching to cloth diapers.
  27. Not buying anything disposable.
  28. Not buying anything in packaging.
  29. Shopping for food only from the bulk bins and from the local farmer’s market where food is unpackaged and fresh.
  30. Forgetting about prepackaged, processed food of any description.
  31. Giving your second-hand clothes away to charities.
  32. Offering products you no longer need on Freecycle instead of throwing them away.
  33. Using old clothes for rags around the apartment instead of paper towels.

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