Government Ignores Flu Vaccine Death

June 28, 2008

By, New York Times June 28, 2008

U.S. federal health officials gathered to discuss the controversial case of 9-year-old Hannah Poling, who became autistic after receiving numerous vaccinations, but the government has so far kept quiet about a second case that some say is even more disturbing.

On January 11, a 6-year-old girl from Colorado received FluMist, a flu vaccine, and about a week later “became weak with multiple episodes of falling to the ground.” The girl grew increasingly weak and feverish, was hospitalized, and underwent surgery. She died on April 5.

Both the 9- and 6-year-olds had mitochondrial disorders, a spectrum of genetic diseases that have received almost no attention from federal health officials.

The possibility that mitochondrial disorders could be triggered or worsened by vaccinations, and that the disorders might be linked to autism, prompted the health officials’ meeting. Despite this, when The New York Times contacted the meeting’s presenters, they said they knew nothing of the Colorado case.

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