How To Prep Your Car For Summer

June 21, 2011

Keep your car safe in the warm weather.
By Zach Bowman, DriverSide Contributing Editor

Depending on where you do the bulk of your driving, summer might be the harshest season of all for your car. An engine and transmission alone already produce an incredible amount of heat, so throwing in 95 degree days and stop and go traffic over searing asphalt is a recipe for disaster if you haven’t kept up with your routine maintenance. Fortunately, preparing your car for the hottest of the hot is cheap and easy. DriverSide can help you figure out what’s best to keep your car on the road for many seasons to come.

Maintain the Coolant System
By far, our most important tip is to take the time to get your car’s coolant system checked. If any part of the system comes… Read More

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