It’s All a Dream [song]

March 6, 2011

Music – Written & Recorded by: Steve Phillips
Title: Dumbing Down

Song Lyrics:
They’re dumbing us down
putting aspartame in our drinks
and fluoride in our toothpaste and the water
until we can’t even think straight any more

Taking prozac when we’re down
ritalin for the kids and
tamiflu for the swine flu scare
we just can’t feel no more

Things are not what they seem
It’s all a dream

There’s chemtrails in the sky and
pollution in the sea
there’s Monsanto taking over the food chain
but we just don’t see the lies

The TV and the newspapers
they’re keeping us all asleep
the bankers and the oil men
they’re feeding off our sheep mentality

Things are not what they seem
It’s all a dream

An eye for an eye
and a tooth for a tooth
we’re so busy fighting each other that we don’t see
only the truth will set us free

Things are not what they seem
It’ all a dream


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