Letter from a Parent to the Regional Health Department

November 3, 2009
Screenshot of the letter being written

Screenshot of the letter being written

My children come home from school with letters telling me to get them the swine flu vaccine, and that I should too.

These letters do not provide any facts or figures that can be backed up. It is always simple propaganda style instructions on what I should do.

I want to know WHY I should do this. Don’t point to the TV or newspaper reports that say I should. A mass media campaign only proves that the talking heads are all reading from the same scripts. We have all had the flu in the past and we all got over it. The seasonal flu complications are contributors to more than 30,000 deaths per year in North America, but this swine flu does not have those kinds of numbers and at this rate it will not by the time the flu season has passed.

This has been blown out of proportion and you are failing in your duties as a public servant. Your job is not to tell us what to do. You’re supposed to know both the pro and con arguments and present the populous with that information, ideally with references, so that we can make our own choices. To ignore the fundamental right we have, through the Canadian Constitution, to freedom of conscience is to violate it. A violation of one person’s rights is a violation of every person’s rights.

Perhaps there is more time being spent with consideration to the income generated for the medical and pharmaceutical industries than there is for the actual health of the people.

Before passing me off as an oddball or some other derogatory expression it would only reflect on your intelligence if you considered the following:

Child Being Vaccinated

Child Being Vaccinated

Doctors say the swine flu is a threat and vaccination is needed.
Doctors say the swine flu is NOT a threat and vaccination is worse than getting sick.

With those two points in mind people are likely to immediately fall back onto their pre-conceived notions about which could possibly be right or wrong. That mentality would do well with a small paradigm shift. Both groups of Doctors are smart, skilled and reputable so you cannot easily discount one over the other but what you can do is analyze the science they’re basing their statements on, and then from there you can make an informed choice that is free from fear and pre-conceived opinion and propaganda.

When the mass media pushes only one side of the story it is clear that there is an agenda at work. The mass media does not give the same air-time to Dr. Ron Paul, Dr. Len Horowitz, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Russell Blaylock, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny ect., as anyone working for a government agency or pharmaceutical company. ALL of these doctors are credible, intelligent and successful in their fields, but there is a glaring difference between them and the government/corporate reps: None of them seek gains of any kind by way of vaccination and/or drug prescriptions. Their goals are clearly defined and the most basic: Keep the good health of the people. If something is dangerous, don’t do it. If something is unproven, prove it. If something is untested, test it. If someone is not informed, inform them.

I discovered a poster created by Dr. Joseph Mercola on one of his websites, http://swineflu.mercola.com, and I paid out of my pocket to have 500 copies printed. I took 100 of them to the grocery store and my children passed them out to the shoppers by saying to them, “Hi, this will keep you healthy!” It generated lots of great conversation, and do you know what most people were saying to us?

“Wow, this is a great thing you’re doing here.”
“People are confused by the media. They don’t know what to do because no one is telling them the truth.”
“You’re really teaching your kids a great lesson here.”
“Oh my goodness I didn’t know any of this!”

We handed out about 80 of them and one lady asked for some so she could pass them around her social circles so we gladly gave her about 20 copies. Every single person who took a copy said, “Thank you.” I think they honestly appreciated the effort on our part to help people, and that became evident when after numerous people asked me if I worked for the government or hospital. I told them all, “No, I am just a concerned citizen.” When they heard that they let their guard down because I wasn’t pushing something on them. The poster we were giving out was a fact sheet that, after reading, would allow them the chance to verify the information and make an intelligent, informed decision about getting the shot… or not.

Screenshot of the submitted letter

Screenshot of the submitted letter

There were only 3 people who refused a copy of the poster, and one offered the fact that she already had her shot. The mass media does not show that kind of real, grass-roots level numbers.

When we got home the kids were so excited about giving people the chance to be healthy that they wanted to go door-to-door and give them to even more people. So we did. Not one person refused to take a poster and everyone was appreciative – even those out for an evening stroll and those walking their dogs.

Before bed the kids asked if they could take some posters to school to give to their friends. You see what’s happening here? People feel good about helping people. People feel good when someone else cares enough to offer them the help, even if they didn’t know any was needed.

We were not running around telling people what to do. We simply handed out some information that they could then use to “stay healthy.”

I hope you stay healthy too. Look up those Dr. names I listed. Visit their websites. Search for their videos/documentaries on YouTube. Be informed.

Swine Flu Posters for you to Download, Print and Share

Swine Flu Posters for you to Download, Print and Share

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