Response from Mother who Miscarried after H1N1

November 16, 2009

I went on a rampage, online and in person, to spread the word about the flu shots – something I have never done before. I usually just talk. But this time I spent money and time to try to make a positive difference because of how much I had learned about it, and how much information was not making it onto TV. Too many people spend their time and energy calling me names like crazy, a theorist, a nut, an outcast, a fool and on-and-on. As for those who have listened to anything I have said, well, they’re the silent minority.

I was pointed to a link to an article on where they talk about miscarriages. The women who replied to that were (mostly all) saying that they miscarried right after the flu vax shots. Their doctors were telling them that it was not the vax. Just brushing it off like a dead baby was a bit of lint in the pocket that no one would worry about.

One of the women posted her email address, so I emailed her and told her about where I get information from. It then evolved into a conversation about all things related. I complimented her because of her resilience and desire to help people avoid the pain she has experienced. She has appeared on talk shows and expressed a desire to spread the word again and again because she has what I said to her is simply “a good heart.”

It is my opinion that the world could use a Modern Renaissance. A rebirth of how our culture thinks and speaks about life.

For too long we have been told what to eat, told what to wear, told what to drive – essentially told what to think – by the mainstream media. The mainstream media is a product of our Constitution – a right to freedom of press. However, that press is now a corporate-controlled monopoly. YOU cannot put an ad on TV because the network that approves your ad for air will either reject it as irrelevant, ignore you, or charge you more than you could possibly afford. I point that out because I get a lot of rejection to the idea that the media is controlled.

Participate in the Modern Renaissance. YOU need to stop being told what to do. You need to start telling others what are already doing. If you’re not doing anything then start doing something. What? Anything that you believe in. If you believe sports are the most important thing in life, get involved in something athletic – armchair quarterbacks aren’t doing anything about what they believe in. Instead they’re being told. If you believe vaccines will save the world, get educated on it and do something. If you believe vaccines will hurt people, get educated on it and spread the word. In fact, go beyond talking. I personally will contact hospitals, doctors, pharmacists, public health staff, politicians, friends, family, strangers – anyone with a pulse!

I’m doing something.

Keep in mind though, that this is not to say that you can’t relax and watch a game, or tv show. You should do that. I love watching Heroes. What you should not do is have your life defined by something produced by the mass media, because really, what kind of life is that? It’s the life of a spectator – spectators do not make the rules and they do not call the shots.

Anyways, this is getting too far off topic. The point of this writing was to let people know that even though I get a lot of heat for my ways, there are some people out there who appreciate my (or your) efforts. Here are some replies to my activities:

Thank you Lance…I am like crying now, all the encouraging words help so much….And you are a wonderful person as well because you have a heart to make a difference in someone’s life and you care about the well being of other’s. Majority of the world can be greedy and it’s all about be, but the few left in the world with the heart to care for people are the one’s that keep it going….

Just so you know, even though I may not respond to your info, I do read it and pretty well agree with all of it! I appreciated the info on H1N1 as I was completely torn as to get it for the kids and since have decided not too! So thanks 🙂

I love reading your stuff!

He is intelligent, but that is not what i envy… it is more along the lines of the fact that he sticks to what he believes and backs up his reasoning. No matter how crazy it initially sounds.

Hi Lance,
I dont have so many people in my friends list. But out of the 103 people you are the only one trying to make a positive impact by posting all that helpful important info.

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