Ricky Gervais: Sterilize Irresponsible People Before They Reproduce

February 2, 2010

Sterilise irresponsible people before they have children, says Ricky Gervais

1st February 2010

He’s not known for his sensitive approach on delicate issues.

But even Ricky Gervais may have overstepped the mark this time, with his irreverent comments on the subject of over-population.

The comedian – who does not have children – said ‘irresponsible’ parents should be sterilized.

Gervais, 48, said there were ‘too many unwanted children, too many people who are poor and struggling.’

He added: ‘If they all had a good quality of life, no one would complain. What there is, is too many useless people. Too many people who shouldn’t have children.

Asked whether there should be a limitation then, he told the Sunday Times: ‘Yes, based on… stupid, fat faces. If there’s a woman in leggings, eating chips with a fag in her mouth, sterilize her.

It was suggested that Gervais, who grew up on a council estate in Reading, was calling for ‘chavs’ to be sterilized.

But he insisted his views were not based purely on class.

I described an irresponsible parent. Chavs could be included in irresponsible though.

He says he and his girlfriend of 27 years, Jane Fallon, 48, had discussed having children but decided against starting a family.

Too much hassle,’ he said.
ParentsPlace.ca Commentary

This is an example of someone who should not be commenting on parenting or children. This person clearly does not have the emotional or mental wherewithal to properly found their beliefs/options/thoughts on the matter as a direct result of being a non-parent. If he was a parent then he would be thrust into a position where he could then experience all the wonderful intangibles that parenthood brings. Instead, he is mechanically analyzing from the outside.

In addition to his lack of relevant experience he is propagating the idea that someone ELSE should have the power to decide who can or cannot reproduce. Human Rights. I am sure you agree that we’re not cattle. Humans are not crops. We’re sentient, we have these inalienable rights and to deny one person their rights is to deny every person their rights – because, if power to decide one’s rights is given to a person/body then that power is automatically granted above all persons’ rights.

And then there’s the overpopulation topic. Ricky is an actor, not a scientist. His opinion on overpopulation is just as valid as mine is. The fact is that because he is a celebrity his opinions automatically carry more weight in North America. What a sad statement about our society. If I ever achieve celebrity, with all my opinions, wow – what a mess I could make of people’s minds.

Ricky, you’ll never understand where parents’ point of view originates because you’ve missed the parenting boat, and you’re too old to catch it now. What a shame. Even well-to-do people can be assholes as parents.

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