Right Turn Signal

April 15, 1995

In my early 20’s I was a passenger in my brother-in-law’s car as we turned right onto the highway. He signaled the maneuver and the signal light continued to blink for the entire duration of the turn, which happened to be a near complete circle.

Because we were already on the on-ramp and there were no other lanes, and no other place to go, I felt that the turn signal was pointless and so I commented on it. I cannot remember what I said but the point I made was that I did not approve of it, not that I had any right or place to comment on his driving.

His reply was to tell me that it was a wasted effort to interrupt his turn simply to shut off a device that would automatically shut itself off at the end of the turn.

Simple event, but it stuck with me and here’s why.

I was wrong to make that comment and he could have responded differently by matching my negativity. But, he didn’t, and now every time I go use an on-ramp I remember that moment in my life.

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