Stock up on Non Parishable Foods

May 1, 2009

This is good advice no matter the circumstances – with the one stipulation that the food is not GMO, processed or filled with additives and preservatives. Tall order I know. eFoods Direct (.com) is a great resource for this end.

You may have received a message from me today (Friday) telling to stock up. Why? Because of the swine flu, and here’s more detail on that.

The media is reporting a real dooms-day scenario with this version of the flu with little evidence to support that it is any worse than the common flu. So, why would the media do that? Well as we already know the media is not news but is rather a propaganda device of the controlling elite. Read this article for more balance on my statements:

Bottom line:
The Swine Flu really IS a pandemic waiting to happen, or it’s not. In either case you will need to be prepared for how the governments respond to it. If the governments call it s a pandemic you will be confined to your home (hopefully instead of some FEMA camp) and instructed to avoid contact with others. If the government says it is not a pandemic then you have proof that the media is full of sh¡t and you will at least have food stores.

Finally, ignore this message and gamble with your lives, and gamble with your responsibilities as an intelligent citizen.
Don’t ignore it – be a skeptic of it and research it on your own, but avoid major news outlets and instead look for actual medical personnel input.

Wash your hands, and make your kids wash their hands (soap, hot water, 30 seconds).
Open bathroom doors with paper towels.
Don’t shake hands.
Don’t share food/drink.

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