December 1, 2011


It has already happened.

No-one noticed, however, and why not? Their favorite TV shows were on; they were checking their news feed; they were tweeting their latest random thought while publishing their current location. All of this was made possible via “cool” gadgets made in abhorrent working conditions, for unliveable wages, by impoverished people, in a totalitarian country, wholly sanctioned by ours.

The indefinite suspension of habeus corpus is not the problem.
The corrupt political landscape is not the problem.
The climate is not the problem.
The economy is not the problem.

The problem is that people want to be entertained
instead of educated.
The problem is that people want to be taken care of
instead of being responsible for themselves. 
The problem is that people do not know the difference between
right and wrong.
The problem is that being seen as sexy
is more important than being respected.
The problem is that getting laid
is more important than graduating.
The problem is that people prefer to accept the Terms and Conditions
because that’s just so much simpler than enforcing their rights.
The problem is that it’s easier to be stupid
than intelligent.

The problem is us: The answer is us.
Stay seated or Stand Up. Others will follow.

Do not be afraid.
You are only going to live this life once: who will you give it to?

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