Vaccine Ingredients and Fillers

March 25, 2009

In addition to the viral and bacterial RNA or DNA that is part of the vaccines, here are the fillers:

Dr. Mercola’s Comments:

And you thought you were just getting a viral vaccine. In many cases the vaccine additives are far more toxic than the viral component. This is particularly true for thimerosal which is mercury.

Many will say that thimerosol is not in the vaccines any more. Well last summer Congress “strongly recommended” that the Pharmaceutical Company take the thimerosol out of vaccines….it was not mandated; simply recommended. The drug companies were not told to take the existing lots off the market. The recommendations only applies to new product line manufacture. An unknown amount of vaccine was/is still on the shelves.

Now the twist:

Yes, the new vaccines are supposed to be thimerosal-free, but I’m not sure that they are. In addition, it is unknown when you get a vaccination if you are getting a “new lot” or an “old lot.” It is unknown exactly when the new thimerosal-free vaccines went into effect and were available in the market. In addition, if you were vaccinated with an old lot, or vaccinated previous to last summer, you got a dose of the mercury.

NOW the ‘big marketing push” for vaccines, in 6 color glossy is “this vaccine is THIMEROSAL-FREE!!!!“….as if they had no idea before last summer that mercury was a problem. And, in response to “YOUR CONCERNS (even tho unfounded), oh faithful followers, we are making a new, and safe vaccine.”

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