YouTube Reduces View Counts, then Deletes User, Then Reinstates User

May 26, 2009

When I first watched these videos the views were in theĀ hundreds of thousands. I heard that the view counts were altered so I went to look, and the view counts were then in the hundreds. I find it amusing that YouTube would deflate the view counts to mere hundreds and expect people to believe that.

Months later YouTube completely removed the Alex Jones channel and performed a major site sweep of any and all content relating to Mr. Jones, citing copyright infringements and in some cases with no explanation at all. Mr. Jones responded to the false accusations by asking his massive syndicated radio show audience to contact YouTube and protest. YouTube heard the message loud and clear and has reinstated Mr. Jones’ channel… At least for now.

Well, these videos are of the Alex Jones radio show. Judge for yourself. This is the first of 4 parts, which you might be able to get if YouTube allows you:

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