1st Lesson in Business

So, LAC Daoust wanted some money. Welcome to the club, right?

I had some phone cases left over and offered them to her at my wholesale cost so that she could sell them at retail. It took a few weeks for her to want money bad enough to give it a shot.

I offered 7 iPhone 5 & 6 cases to her and volunteered to help her go door-to-door in our neighborhood. She, without prompting, dressed up as best as she could (no pantsuits in her closet), grabbed a clipboard to take orders, and excitedly attacked our street.

She started off strong, but the relentless stream of “no” started to weigh her down. She lost all hope and said that she wanted to give up and go home, but I coached her through the rough spot and said that you never know where that yes is going to come from. You have to push forward and keep going – don’t say NO for them, let them, and when they do say no play with them a little. For example, when men said no I would ask them if they’re sure because I could get them a pink one, specially for them! Laughs!

Anyways, the very next person to answer their door bought TWO, turbo-charging her resolve to push forward! A few houses later she made 5 sales, and NONE of them were the cases that we had on us – she took 5 orders and got 5 deposits on her order list.

Next step: Hand-delivery with personalized thank-you notes 🙂

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