A Father With a Back Bone (pt 2 of 2)

Remember that guy who shot up his daughter’s laptop? Apparently that went super-viral. Along with instant fame comes the talk show circuit scavenging to make a buck off the lives of their prey. I absolutely condone and enjoy how well Tommy has handled this newfound attention.

First of all, he set up a quick website to handle the media attention. Smart move. Control the content coming from you. No miscommunications/quotes available when there is only one source.

Secondly, he stood right in the face of the attention, experts, panelists etc, and held his ground – like a man. Yes, he did what he did and accepted the consequences and hasn’t back-peddled at all. This is the kind of man that should lead other men.

Read it for yourself – it is completely worth the time spent doing so:

After reading his rebuttal to Dr. Phil, I posted the following comment (which is currently in moderation queue):

Tommy, I am thoroughly impressed with how well you have handled the situation with Hannah, and I am even more impressed with how fantastically well you have handled the media – specifically the “professional,” “authority figure,” Dr. Phil. You stood in his face (like a man should) and called him out on every talking-point, logically, confidently and accurately. You are an example for parents, just as much as you are an example to everyone else, on how to conduct ourselves. This was so well written.

I admit it: parenting is hard work – it is tiring and frustrating at the same time as being rewarding. I often find myself not knowing what to do, what to say or where to go for the right solutions to my problems. But I push forward regardless. I am thankful to Hannah and Tommy.

I deepest thanks to you, sir.
Lance Daoust.

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