A Little Recognition

LAC Daoust
I’m pretending that I cannot see you standing right there, the only adult in the room, taking my picture.

LAC Daoust was first recognized as a cadet when she was still a recruit by Warrant Officer ******. That single act of recognition by him really impacted her and I got to hear all about it that night, and a many more times after that.

This guy is super serious about his cadet career and it is markedly clear in his actions. I’ve pointed out certain leadership and self respect qualities so that LAC Daoust might pick them up. I’m not confident that I needed to point anything out because she has a clear respect for him since that moment of recognition, and she decided to do something about it.

Many of the other cadets are happy whining about how strict he is, but she was more interested in writing him a letter. In that letter she told him (paraphrasing for simplicity), “Dear Warrant Officer *******, I know all the other cadets hate you. And it’s not because they hate you, it’s because you’re strict and they are too ignorant to notice that you are helping them. I noticed, and I respect you so much for that. I’m really disappointed that they dislike you so much. I look up to you, and ever since I joined cadets, I’ve watched you to see what you do, because I want to take your place when you’re gone. I look up to you, and respect you; you’re amazing at what you do, and you’re just so awesome. P.S., on my first day of cadets, you called me a cadet, instead of recruit, and that had such a huge impact on me, I can’t even begin to explain. You’re the reason I try in air cadets.”

So, tonight he found LAC Daoust at break and let her know happy that letter made him, and how happy he would be if someone with all that potential took his place.

Right in the parent Feelz!

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