About Parents’ Place

Parents’ Place is composed of content sourced from websites that I’ve come to trust as well as my own opinions and observations. I realize that means nothing to you but I have spent a lot of time online and I’ve run into a lot of good and bad information over the years. I’ve seen people come and go, patterns emerge and over time you can develop a broader view of things. It reminds me of the saying, “Wise men expect to be believed and when they’re not they let time prove them right.

The underlying premise of this website is to protect our children. As a father I want only to do my best for them and I wish I learned the content of this site sooner because I would have been able to protect them from the plethora of ignored wrongs that take place in North American culture. Our children will grow up using us as references as how to live their lives, but what’s more than that is that our children will be the ones who live on, and operate this planet when we are gone. If we can teach our children the right way to live now, then when we’re gone the hope is that they continue to live the right way then too.

Teach the children right from wrong. Good from bad. Teach them to think and ask questions instead of blindly following. And, if something is not good enough for your children, why is it good enough for you?

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