Cell Phone X-Ray

Are Cell Phones Dangerous?

Cell Phone X-RayQuestion to Dr. Blaylock:

During your diligent research, have you come across any evidence supporting damage to the brain from cell phones?

Dr. Blaylock’s answer:

There is considerable evidence that cell phones damage the brain as well as other tissues and organs. Many studies have shown that the microwave radiation from cell phones damages tissues and especially DNA. In fact, two of the scientists cell phone companies backed to do these studies were fired when their studies demonstrated DNA damage in all cells exposed to the wavelengths and energy from cell phones.

Several studies have shown an increase in brain tumors and a breakdown of the blood-brain barrier. The risk is especially great for children because of their thin skulls, which exposes a greater volume of their brains to the radiation. In addition, because their brains are still undergoing a considerable amount of development, the radiation can cause abnormalities in brain pathway development.

I am especially concerned with the great number of pre-teen and teenagers using these phones for such long periods of time. Remember, the brain does not reach full maturity until age 27. I am also concerned that so many microwave towers are being placed within buildings — even on the steeples of churches. These towers are blanketing entire cities with microwaves. There are studies that show that cell phone microwaves can induce sterility, as well.

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Original Post Date: Monday, June 22, 2009 2:38 PM


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