Atlanta IHOP Police Brutality


After watching this video you have to ask yourself a few questions. First, did that woman earn 2 strikes to her face?
Second, was the officer justified to use that level of force?

We all know the obvious: It is wrong to interfere with a police investigation/arrest and it is a crime to strike a police officer. And, it would appear that the officer chose to arrest her because she struck his arms in retaliation to his slap of her face.

In my opinion, the cop made a poor judgement call when he slapped her in the face because there was no function to that movement. There is no reason to believe that slapping an angry person will make them more compliant.

The woman was completely wrong when she retaliated and flailed her arms wildly at the officer. That’s just stupid – you cannot do that, even if you think the cop is unjustified, he is going to arrest you for it. I have noticed that when cops arrest women they always resist with fierce intensity, as if the cop has absolutely no right to ever arrest a woman. The Pedestal, if-you-will.

Well, the officer responded to the woman’s silly strikes as expected. He arrested her. Now, considering the fact that he is at least 2.5x her size there was no need to punch her in the face. I do not at all believe that face punching is a technique used to subdue someone, specifically when that someone is dramatically smaller. Police are taught how to grapple the suspect into arm locks that facilitate cuffing.

The punch was, in my opinion, just another example of an egotistical, power-tripping lawman abusing his authority. How many instances have there been where cops will harass people knowing that if the person tries to defend themselves the police will immediately consider it “assaulting an officer.” It’s pathetic.

This is an example of a dumb lady not knowing when to draw the line and a jerk of a cop abusing his authority. An intelligent officer would use officer’s discretion and understand the woman does not need to beaten to be subdued.

Let’s not forget about the person they were all fighting about – what happened there. Did that suddenly lose priority when the terrorist angry lady tried to “murder” the cop?

Poor judgements on all counts. Society is falling apart.

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