Gay is a Sickness, like Alcoholism

God-Loves-EveryoneI was listening to the CBC Radio this morning where the host had two guests on talking about an issue similar to this one.

The American politician (name not worth mention) was saying that homosexuality is a mental disorder like alcoholism, and for society to grant them the same rights as heteros is to also grant pedophiles, bestiality and incest the same legal rights and freedoms.

Why? How could he possibly justify that? Well, he thinks that those things are all part of sexual patterns people get into early in life. He said the homosexual movement has a plan to lure young people, convert them to the gay side and grow their movement.

I can’t believe this is 2010!

The other guest is a Ugandan Christian Priest. He said his sister wanted a divorce but that’s against his faith, so he advised her not to. She listened to him and while he was away in school her husband murdered her. It took the death of his sister for him to realize that his faith did not provide him with the answers to life’s questions. So if the bible says marriage is permanent and gay is wrong, but he cannot take his faith as it is written, then what can he do?

Gay isn’t a choice, and anyone who has spoken to a homosexual person will know this. You cannot become UNgay, and you cannot BECOME gay. It’s the Kinsey scale of sexual attraction. While you CAN compare humans to other mammals in physiology, you cannot compare other animals to humans in emotion and intellect. Our brains are where the gay component lies – and if science figures out a gay gene, no gay person will actually want to be cured, just like no hetero person would want to be turned gay.

These anti-gay people need to step back from this opinion-powered debate and spend their creative, determined energies on something more important, like education, healthcare, science, solar power, art or perhaps self-improvement.

3 thoughts on “Gay is a Sickness, like Alcoholism

  1. Thanks for such a thoughtful response to this. If more people spent their energy in building up an uniting society intead of tearing it apart and trying to hurt other people, this world would be a much better, safer, and cheaper place to live.

  2. The Bible says that being gay is a sin if acted upon.There is no middle ground either in the Old Testament or the New;but so is sex between a man and a woman that are not married which is called fornication in the Bible. If one or both is married it is called adultry.
    So both sides are covered here! Sin is sin.
    “It is appointed for a person [gay or hetro] to die once and after that the judgement.”
    Disagree or not the Bible says It does not matter who one is ALL will be judged or their thoughts,words and deeds.
    You don’t go to this judgement because you are gay you will be judged for sin,regardless what you are.
    Here is one standard,”To the person who knows to do good and does it not to them it is sin.”
    That’s why God sent Jesus to save us as no one gay or straight can hold up to this one rule alone!

    Now if one is gay they should have all the rights and privileges as anyone else in any country they may reside. If not they have to fight for those rights and hopefully they will win in time. All causes had to be fought for over the years.

    “For God so loved everyone [gay or straight!] that He gave His only begotten Son so that all who believe in Him should not go to the judgement, but have everlasting life.”

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