Google Doesn’t Respect You, Or Your Privacy

So I ran into two videos where the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, talks about the policies at Google. It is obvious after watching these that Google’s founding mantra of “Don’t Be Evil” no longer applies. Google is now bending to the will of every government dictator by censoring in China and by spying on us in North America. The facts remain, no matter what your opinion is, that google tracks, traces, stores and shares your data and as you hear their CEO say, it’s under the unconstitutional patriot act.

So keep in mind that while you or your kids are online searching around for whatever you find interesting, it could lead to an investigation that removes your rights as a human being… Under the loving Patriot Act. Up here in Canada, you’re free of the Patriot Act until you want to cross that border, but don’t be fooled for a second to think that the RCMP or CSIS will be blindly ignoring you or the Americans spy groups.

You Shouldn’t Be Doing it in the First Place

Google Keeps Your Data for 18 Months

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