It Is Ok To Hang Up On Machines – Every Single Time!

(616) 980-2782. This number has been calling me. It is a machine, so naturally I hang up every time.A few times – out of frustration – I listened for an extra 2 seconds. I learned that it’s MasterCard calling. I have one of those, but no, it’s a machine so I am still hanging up. That’s how I protest machines calling me.

TODAY the bastard called again and threatened me! WTF! It said that if I don’t stay on the line and press 1 my interest rate will not go down. Now I am pissed so I press 1 and wait for the process to lead me to a human. No luck, it hung up on me.

Because I am not one to let things go so easily I called it back and recorded the call. It hung up right after answering. It’s a 1way line. Unsatisfied I called MasterCard using the number on the back of my card. After telling another damn machine who I am and when I was born (iHate phone machines) I am automatically offered a bunch of information about my account, so I repeatedly interrupt the machine. It is partially amusing because it cannot understand me and eventually it gave up and transferred me to an English-speaking human – how thoughtful!

I tell the guy that I want to make a complaint, and I tell him what I’ve already written above. He assures me that they are not calling me, so I say fine, if there is a mistake and they’re not trying to reach ME it is STILL unacceptable to use a machine to call customers and even worse to make threats like that. I give him the number that called me and eventually he has the whole picture. He said THAT IS NOT ONE OF THEIR NUMBERS AND IT IS A FRAUD so do not give out information when someone calls you. DUH! I think that’s standard fair nowadays.

As a side note, I asked about the concept of card reading from a distance. I have seen ads for credit card wallets that shield your card from being robbed via devices that just scan it from a distance. He said that’s impossible, however technologically it is not. He HAS to make sure he makes me feel safe with my card and he did so in good form because he reminded me that if my card is compromised I am protected against fraud. So if someone does scan my card from a distance I am not liable – assuming I report that I was scanned without my knowledge haha!

So, in short, MasterCard does not use machines to call you, and when they do call you it will be from an 800/888 number.

The lesson of this story: It is ok to hang up on machines – every single time!

Source: Me! I recorded the call.

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