Never Be Bored Again

Smartphones will make sure that you are never bored.
Never being bored will make it more difficult to find your creative passion.
Lack of passion will make you boring.

While wasting my time swiping through yet another “shower thoughts” post I bumped into this and it struck me. Is ironic the right word here? While trying not to be bored I find a post telling me that by doing this I am making myself boring. Clever.

At the same time though this post put words to thoughts I’d been having while observing people using devices so frequently, mainly myself. I’ve caught myself reaching for my phone at the most ridiculous times, it’s embarassing. Then I look at other people, like my own kids, and I see what excessive device usage does to their behaviours. My 5-year-old looks for the iPad constantly and can be completely absorbed by it for an entire day if I let him. My teens get so wrapped up by their devices that their responsibilities and own goals suffer.

Time to put my phone down.

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