Parents Lose Custody Because of Beliefs

Racism is not right, but more often than not you will find someone you know and care about harbours some form of race-related concerns. The Jewish and Palestinians, the blacks and the whites, the idiots and dumbasses. Yes, racism can go as far as war so it’s not a good thing, but like I said,  you know someone who has some race-related issues.  So, if the spectrum of racism is so broad then it stands to reason that merely being racist is no immediate cause of concern. That black friend of yours doesn’t really like white people as much as he likes black people, but he isn’t going to kill any whites. Or, to be fair, that white friend of yours doesn’t like all Arabs, but he isn’t going to kill or beat any Arabs.

That line of thinking is exactly what perpetuates racism. We need a logical approach to this instead of an emotional one. Case in point -the video above. The parents are racist and as a result their children have parroted the parents at school. That led to the Province taking the children away from them. So now we have the Province playing moral judge and jury on racism, which is the same as the province itself being racist. The parents are discriminating against a group of people and now so is the province.

If you’re going to do that then where is the line drawn? This is the thought police. This is 1984. In Canada we have the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as well as a Constitution. You should read these documents because what Canada has done to these parents is against it’s own laws of the land. If they can do it to one group, then they certainly can do it to any other group. Need I point to the Natives?

Stand up Canada!