Remembrance Day vs Christmas

I am not the only one who thinks it is distasteful to begin celebrating Christmas BEFORE Remembrance Day.This kind of behaviour makes it look like people today care more about gifts than about showing their respect for people who gave up their lives for an unselfish idea.

Isn’t Christmas the ultimate time for selfishness? Getting gifts is obvious but don’t we all feel good when they get that perfect gift? That too is us being selfish – by looking for that response to make ourselves feel good.
I might not support war or the government, so it might sound contradictory for me to support Remembrance Day. What I do respect is that those people who fought, died and lost in war believed that they were fighting for a greater good, one that would benefit US ALL.

THAT is respectable.
THAT is worth our attention as a society.
And it’s only for one damned day.

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