Social Media Surveillance

Something to Think About
By Lance D’Aoust


Your car will post your location to FourSquare at each intersection.

Your speed, direction, occupancy and seatbelt use will be conveniently sent to your Facebook status. This will save you so much T9 typing and no one will ever get lost again! Unless you get lost, in which case everyone following you will be lost too.

Click to view in a new window. This is interesting.

The smart meter on your house will post to Facebook the appliance you’re using right now while your water meter Tweets how much abuse your dishing out to the planet. How trendy being green can be! The guilt for flushing will reach an all time high while therapists the world over rejoice now that they have someone to ‘cure’ again.

Your home theater will publish the song playing or the movie you’re watching so you don’t have to. If you fall asleep watching, the camera behind the screen will see you and shut down the system, but not before telling everyone online that you couldn’t make it through the that lame show you were watching. That’ll teach you to waste all that electricity in your sleep!

Your alarm clock will rat you out on ALL of the social networks every time you hit the snooze button, and we all know your next employer will be watching!

Your PC will openly publish reports about your web browsing and torrent downloading to every governmental agency simultaneously. It’s not an invasion of your privacy if you’re not doing anything wrong. You’re helping fight those pesky terrorists! “Death to all non-believers!”

There’s no limit really. If you just put your mind to it you can come up with plenty of ways to integrate your every day activities into social media – government spying – saving the planet through guilt-filled propaganda publishing.

Makes you wonder WHO the terrorists really are.

If you found this funny, plausible, scary or accurate, share it with your friends. I wrote it while venting about the invasion of social media into our daily lives. My goal is to point out the obvious – these things are not good ideas, even if you’re told they are, they aren’t.

Get offline. There’s a beautiful world out there, and if you really believe in saving the planet you might want to actually know what that planet looks like.

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