Minimum Extracurricular Educational Hours

Idea: Minimum extracurricular educational hours for your kids to achieve <insert goal here>. Just like any professional must continue their education in order to keep their accreditation/license, what would it look like if parenting had a similar activity? As opposed to “Amusing Ourselves to Death” with cat videos and other entertainment.

I think it is only fair that the parents dedicate some of their “extracurricular” time to the same thing (parenting).


Montessori vs Public

Watching this literally puts tears in my eyes because MY 8 year old announced this morning, during breakfast (pancakes that she made herself), that she HATES school. She HATES learning. The only thing that she likes at school is to play with her friends. My 10 year old sat in silent agreement. I had to expect the elder to agree because she is much more of a socialite than her little sister, who used to be the bookworm type.Read More »