NSFW & NSFK – Astonishing Parenting Fails

I thought this was going to be a cute video full of silly parenting mistakes. I was so wrong. This video shows some of the worst parenting moves out there. Don’t watch it at work, nor in front of kids.

Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid (to your children)

This is a bad example of co-parenting.

As I write this I am most of the way through my 34th year on this planet. I am not the smartest or wisest person out there, but I am also not the dumbest or most ignorant either. So you can take my words with a grain of salt, ignore them or add to them. It’s your choice. I have something to say about co-parenting, and here it goes.

(You can skip past my story and go straight to “What to do,” below)

My parents split up when I approximately 12 years old. I wasn’t through grade 8 yet, and to be honest my memory of my childhood is filled with massive blank spaces that I have to fill in with recollections from family members. The things that I do manage to remember on my own tend to be important or emotionally charged events, such as my parents fighting. Except once they split up the fighting stopped and there was a big void in my world. My older sister and I stayed with our father as he forced our mother out of the house.

At that point in time I didn’t shed a tear about the situation because my dad had already put a good deal of effort into sharing his anger for her with me. I look back at these memories as both an adult and a father myself, and I see things with so much clarity now.

After she left he would spend even more time telling me about all the ways that she wronged him. I listened quietly, never second guessing a thing that he said, never once using my own thinking capacity. I grew to hate her.Read More »