Do Not Touch ANY of The Kids at School!

If you’ve read the post below about me playing with my kids’ friends in the school yard when I drop them off in the morning, then here’s the update that I am certain at least one person was some of you were expecting.

The principal called again. The story that she told is as follows: she was in the office this morning and overheard two boys talking about that guy in the yard (meaning me). One of the boys said, “He didn’t touch me.” I suppose he was bragging that I hadn’t tagged him this morning when we all played tag. This caught the principal’s attention, and I can only assume, that she then spoke to those boys long enough to confirm that it was indeed me.

Before I get into the call I want to add that this morning’s tag was pretty good! One little guy came up to me and asked me a question. I thought that I gave a clever answer but he informed me that the correct answer was “TAG! You’re it!”Read More »

Playing Before School Starts

EVERY morning I take my girls (8 and 10) to school, and on many mornings we get there in time to play before the bell. Play usually includes me picking up my girls and putting them on my back and/or playing tag.

This ALWAYS leads to more kids wanting to play, and I always welcome them to join in. The other kids like to play tag with me – specifically the boys because they are usually more athletic and want to try to catch me. The other girls like to be chased and have me come to them. It’s a balancing act between my fun chasing and evading, and not losing sight of my own girls and making sure I play with them too.

Many of the other kids like to play rough with me and want me to pick them up, like I do with my own kids. I usually don’t but by this time in the school year there are a few kids that I’ve seem repeatedly and I’ve built a bit of a familiarity with them, so I will, on occasion, pick them up too. What’s interesting about that kind of contact playing is that I can see in the eyes and body language of so many children that they are interested in it, but something prevents them from getting THAT close to me. I’m not complaining because I think that’s good to see the critical thinking on their part.

There are some kids who go insane when I pick them up or hold them and help them jump higher than they normally can. It’s as though they’ve never been given attention from another human before and they’re so excited that they run away from me jumping and screaming!Read More »