Do Not Touch ANY of The Kids at School!

If you’ve read the post below about me playing with my kids’ friends in the school yard when I drop them off in the morning, then here’s the update that I am certain at least one person was some of you were expecting.

The principal called again. The story that she told is as follows: she was in the office this morning and overheard two boys talking about that guy in the yard (meaning me). One of the boys said, “He didn’t touch me.” I suppose he was bragging that I hadn’t tagged him this morning when we all played tag. This caught the principal’s attention, and I can only assume, that she then spoke to those boys long enough to confirm that it was indeed me.

Before I get into the call I want to add that this morning’s tag was pretty good! One little guy came up to me and asked me a question. I thought that I gave a clever answer but he informed me that the correct answer was “TAG! You’re it!”Read More »