TV and Your Child’s Brain – EXPLAINED

I looked at some research into how TV affects the viewers brain. I will try to explain it in simple terms (because I am rather simple myself)

  • The stimulus (TV/Porn/Movie/Music video/etc) sends A/V signals to the subject’s brain.
  • The subject’s brain then processes what it is experiencing with eyes and ears.
  • The subject is stationary, usually at rest, in a familiar setting and is comfortable there.
  • The violent stimulus triggers natural fight or flight reactions in the subject’s brain, but the subject is not in any real danger, so the subject’s brain suppresses any reactions.
  • Change the stimulus and the respective reactions take place in the brain, usually contrary to the subject’s state, and the brain suppresses further.
  • There are no exciting videos of people sitting on their couches. The SIMS is the closest you’re going to get to that, haha, so the stimulus is almost always in direct contrast to the viewer’s current state.

Now, with that said, what happens when the brain reacts, then is suppressed – repeatedly? Well, over a 120 minute movie with the action, romance, and drama peaking and falling throughout, the brain gets a good workout. As an adult you’re used to it, but with a kid, they’re just learning to suppress these things, and what happens is they build up the feelings rather than suppressing them. So, at the end of a fighting movie they want to release that build up, and they act-out. At the end of a sad movie they might be on a downer, or appear saddened. Over time, they develop coping mechanisms, but some kids don’t and they act-out all the time, and as they grow up they act-out on a larger scale.

Think About It.

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