What Remembrance Day is Not About

National Archives of Canada C-38723
Canadians departing for active service in Europe during the Second World War, 1940. (National Archives of Canada C-38723)

I’ve thought quite a bit about this day, November 11th 2009. While I do not agree with war, nor the politics that lead us into wars, 11/11 is not about war or politics.

The fact is that well over 1,500,000 Canadians have served in the Armed Forces, and well over 100,000 of them have died in doing so. Remembrance Day is about us showing our appreciation to our fellow humans, who set out with a goal that they believed to be greater than themselves – not for their benefit, but for the benefit of their families, friends and nation under which they lived.

Today, your task is simple: At 11am, stand up… And say thank you to your fellow man, for standing up for what they believe in. I hope that one day we all can stand up for what we believe in too.

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